Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Real News

In typical fashion, I have procrastinated on updating this blog for, oh, only a few months. I hope no one was holding their breath for activity on here, because if you were, you would've passed out around the beginning of the year. But patience always pays off and now I have real news! Not fake, but real news! News that probably pretty much everyone I care about is aware of because I've already told you. But repetition is the key to learning, so I thought I'd pound everyone with the same information all over again.

I got my invitation a while ago. I will be flying out for staging in Miami on June 27 at really damn early in the morning. After two days there I will be boarding a short flight down to Kingston, Jamaica for my pre-service training with about thirty other new volunteers. My 'job' description is Youth as Promise Advisor, more specifically Youth and Sports. I thought that Peace Corps would be a guaranteed way to not get shoved into the box full of team sports and children I've created for myself, but luckily Peace Corps Volunteers have a lot of freedom with their projects, so I will attempt to indoctrinate kids with my crazy environmentalist point of views. Don't take the last part of that sentence too seriously...anyway, after about two months of training in sites in Kingston and just outside of it, I will officially start my service at the beginning of September. I will then be thrown out to the wolves and will have to fend for myself like a lost puppy in the supermarket. I have never seen a puppy in a supermarket...stupid metaphor.

I will attempt to keep this more up to date now that I actually have things to talk about. Expect at least one post where I totally freak out about leaving before the end of the month. I'll try to keep it entertaining.