Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time Warp

Let's pretend that is almost exactly a month ago. I just got my site placement from Peace Corps: Portland Football Association in Port Antonio. That's pretty much all of the explanation I got. The first thought that ran through my head: 'Seriously? I am doomed to do soccer for the rest of my damn life. So much for this whole Peace Corps thing being the start of a new direction'. Second thought: 'Where the hell is Port Antonio?'. Third thought: 'I hope it is not hot as hell with the humidifier cranked up in Portland'. Clearly, I was totally stoked about this assignment.

Fast forward a month to now. I am in Port Antonio, a pretty awesome (because I refuse to use the word 'quaint' in a sentence) little city on the northeastern part of the island, right on the Caribbean Ocean with the Blue Mountains right behind it. I actually look forward to swimming and do it frequently. I have gotten over my aversion to being wet and covered in sand. I am remembering that coaching soccer is fun by working with a women's team at a high school down the street from my office. That street happens to end on a peninsula and the high school soccer field happens to overlook the ocean and the mountains at the same time. I am spending more time on Facebook than I have since college. Don't judge. I am having almost daily experiences that cause me to ask 'Is this my life?'. Which is what I strive for at all times. If you aren't having frequent 'What the fuck just happened?' moments, you are doing something wrong. Jamaica is more than happy to provide many of this moments and promises to keep them coming for the next two years.

Speaking of two years, I can no longer say that I will be here for two years. I'm already a month into service, which is rather mind blowing to think about considering I feel like I was just shitting my pants on the plane to Kingston from Miami, having a huge blank spot for a future and not even realizing that I had left Idaho yet. That could easily be another life time; in terms of a mental life time, it completely is. I already feel so comfortable with my surroundings that I may or may not text while navigating my way on foot down a narrow highway full of speeding taxis, burp openly in public, and dress like I am planning on accidentally stepping into a soccer match at any given moment. Basically, my behavior hasn't changed much. Shocking.

I wish I had a specific story to tell, but at the moment everything that has happened seems like one huge sweaty explosive blur. Slash might not be so appropriate to blast out to the unknown masses of internet cruisers. I am still in processing mode, trying to sort out what exactly I am doing here and what exactly is going on. Hence the total lack of blog updating lately. What do I even say? So here I am to say that I don't even know what to say. Other than it is super weird to get on Facebook and see posts about wearing cold weather clothes. I am going to seriously miss bundling up in all of my awesome winter clothes, especially hoodies. I might have worn one briefly the other night, just to remember what it felt like to have something covering my arms. You are allowed to laugh, I looked completely ridiculous, which is not unusual for me.

Expect more frequent updates, as I think that my brain has finally turned back on after a month of trying to just keep up with what was happening on a daily basis. You can look forward to more cynical and sarcastic musings peppered with cuss words!